Law & Order UK post-facility Pepper is looking to bolster its feature film business with a£300,000 audio upgrade and the addition of three new senior creative staff.

The Soho firm, which has facilities in Noel Street and Greek Street, will rebuild its Studio 1 dubbing theatre, adding new monitoring, improving the acoustics and changing the layout to make it the largest Dolby Premier sound studio in England.

Freelancer Howard Bargroff has been brought on board as a full-time senior sound mixer and Deluxe Digital's Greg Barrett recruited as director of film. Next month, John Claude, also from Deluxe Digital, will join as senior DI colourist.

With the Sony Columbia animation Planet 51 already lined up, the company's management is confident that the moves will help to attract big features films.

“Law & Order UK has demonstrated that with our two separate buildings for picture and sound we can offer boutique services while remaining competitive,” said joint managing director Shane Warden. “We know that

Studio 1 has the potential to be a jewel in Soho's crown. These changes will create a luxurious destination for international and British feature sound mixing.”

The Studio 1 rebuild will be completed in July.