Pinewood has officially opened its newest studio, the 30,000 sq ft Richard Attenborough Stage.

It is the second largest studio at Pinewood and has increased stage capacity at the facility by 7%.

Pinewood said the space would be used by film and television productions.

Pinewood chief executive Ivan Dunleavy said: “This new stage helps demonstrate Pinewood’s ongoing commitment to improving its infrastructure, and offering both film and television clients the most up to date, flexible and secure facilities possible.

“The new stage sends a signal that we are serious about growing and innovating to keep pace in an increasingly competitive, global market.

“I am also pleased to be honouring one of the true icons of the UK film industry. Lord Attenborough was involved in 36 films at Pinewood and Shepperton and it is fitting that we pay tribute to his amazing body of work by naming this new stage after him.”

The Richard Attenborough Stage is already being used to shoot Les Misérables.