Polecam, the producers of the single operator jib arm and camera system, has announced that nine of its HD units have been commissioned to provide live video from the Winter Games.

Six systems are being deployed as sources for the Vancouver Games host feed, which will be fitted with Toshiba IKHD1 1080i HD cameras, with another being allocated specifically to ZDF Germany.

The camera rigs are often used to capture tricky, action-based shots from compromising positions – a close wide angle front shot of a windsurfer, for example, taken from a tracking jet ski.

Three Polecam rigs will cover sections of the Biathlon in Whistler Park at the games. Others are designated for speed skating, bobsleigh and the medal presentations.

Polecam founder and managing director Steffan Hewitt said that the number of the firm’s rigs used in big sporting events has increased steadily since they first made their debut 12 years ago.

“Six systems were fielded at the 2004 Games in Athens, eight at the 2009 Beijing event, and now nine in Canada. Obviously we are hoping to see at least 10 in use at the 2012 London Games, including some of our new 3D kit.”

At BVE this week Polecam will be showcasing its 3D kit (stand B10) and the firm is also set to make a pre-NAB announcement that from April, all new units will be delivered with an optional 3D head as standard.

According to Polecam sales and marketing manager Mel Noonan, the system’s popularity in the 3D community stems from the fact that you need to use two cameras (one for each eye) simultaneously to shoot 3D. 

“It’s hard for anyone to shoot 3D with big camcorders and so often people have to get one camera in a normal position and use the other with mirrors pointing vertically. It’s much easier to prop two light cameras on a Polecam head and it gives the operator far more options.”