It has worked on bringing Rembrandt’s seascape and Monet’s Boat on the Seine near Jeufosse to life for the multi-sensory art experience

Cinesite has entered into a long-term partnership with Frameless Creative, to create VFX-led artwork for London’s first permanent multi-sensory art experience.

The VFX house is setting up an immersive division to manage the work.

Cinesite has worked on a Rembrandt seascape for Frameless, which can now be seen in its largest gallery, The World Around Us.

For the VFX on the piece, simulation techniques were used to create controllable open water. Haze passes were added to backlight the water and spray.

Joce Capper, general manager at Cinesite, said: “It was essential to respect and preserve the integrity of the original work of art. It was far more than just a case of extending the environment. The team needed to extend the power, drama and spirit of the original, its nuances, lighting, mood and intent.

“Cinesite London is proud to be joining forces with Frameless and we look forward to working with the team on many more artworks. With the immersive entertainment industry valued at more than £45.7 billion in 2020 and growing rapidly, Cinesite is expertly positioned to work with creative IP owners and brands to elevate the impact of their imagined worlds.”

Cinesite has also worked on Monet’s ‘Boat on the Seine near Jeufosse’ for the experience. Animators & FX artists enabled the 19th Century impressionist masterpiece to live and breathe. This included creating rippling water, paddling of the oars, light shimmering on the water and butterflies fluttering across the meadows.

Frameless creative director Ryan Atwood said: “As one of Monet’s lesser known pieces this artwork has always been for me a really underrated piece, and one that has rarely been spoken about, so we knew we’d be introducing many of our visitors to it for the first time.

“We’ve been obsessing about retaining the nuances of the original from the serenity of the landscape to the incredible lighting effect that Monet achieved with his brushstrokes, all working together to provide a rare moment of reflection in an often-chaotic world. Front of mind throughout the creative process has been imagining just what Monet was thinking when he created this masterpiece and how he wanted the work to make people feel.”

Frameless Creative CEO Richard Relton added: “Working with Cinesite gives us the opportunity to take Frameless London to the next level, working with world-class masters of effects and plugging them into our space. This process has been about exploring how we can harness the film experience of the team to enhance our overall storytelling capabilities and the level of detail and effects in the artworks, really investing in the emotional connection our visitors can have with the work. The results are spectacular and this is just the start of what is an extremely exciting phase for Frameless, enabling us to take Hollywood style effects into the world of art.”