It enables high-quality 3D models of people and products to be transmitted anywhere in the world in real-time


VFX house Imaginary Pictures has launched a service that ‘beams’ people and products anywhere in the world – what it labels ‘holoportation’.

The holoportation service enables high-quality 3D models to be transmitted anywhere in real-time, using an innovation developed by LA tech company Proto.

The holograms can be displayed as a full-sized box similar to a telephone box (known as the Proto Epic) or a smaller desktop box (the Proto M).

The use of holoportation is being pitched for conferences and other live events; for pre-recorded presentations; and for displaying realistic 3D images of products.

The technology has been made possible through high speed broadband and 5G networks, and Imaginary Pictures believes the potential market for holoportation to be huge. It has been used at major sporting events, exhibitions and conferences.

In the UK, Imaginary Pictures, which is based in London and Manchester, has already used the technology to create live broadcasts, including a live demonstration of global connectivity using 5G in association with Virgin Media O2.

It has also used it for an art and jewellery auction, beamed from London to Saudi Arabia, with live holograms of two artists at work.

Kevin Zemrowsky, technical director, Imaginary Pictures, said: “Video conferencing and 3D imaging have been around a while now but beamed holograms of people was something we only imagined, something we’d only seen in science fiction films. Well, now it is here and working Proto we’ve developed a complete production solution make holoportation accessible to everyone.

“We’ve all got used to making video calls but the interaction isn’t that life-like. Proto’s technology bridges between the physical and the virtual; with an all-body 3D image, Holoportation makes it feel that the person is really there and it opens up a whole new world where people can be beamed into live events.”