The company is offering remote VFX for UK clients from its Paris HQ

Office pics

VFX house Scenesis Pictures has opened an office in Paris with a remote production offering to try to attract UK work.

The company was founded by Cedric Mignon in 2020 and now has 20+ staff, who will now all be based in the office in central Paris.

Its staff include founder and creative director Cedric Mignon; head of VFX Mathieu Legros (whose VFX credits include Netflix series Lupin and Lionsgate series The Serpent Queen); Franck Boyer, CG supervisor; Thierry Beaumel, workflow manager; Jimmy Laplaige, goom artist supervisor, Jonathan Romain, senior CG generalist; Sylvain Jardin, head of IT; Mary Rogers, 2D artist; Pascal Gaubertier, Houdini artist; and Antoine Duhé, senior modelling and sculpt artist.

The Scenesis studio has a “bespoke designed interior,” says the company, as well as views across Paris, a CG / VFX open plan area, grading suites, flexi suite, viewing area and a “red velvet client bar area”.

The remote workflow set up at Scenesis means the VFX team can respond to international client briefs.

Mignon said: “I am thrilled to be able to welcome all UK and wider International clients to work with us at Scenesis Pictures. Through my career as lead matte painter 2D/3D crafting architectural environments I have strived to deliver the very best in creative for all clients. In our Scenesis Studio we combine passion, attention to detail, quality and creativity. We are digital DoPs dedicated to the craft of lighting, 3D, VFX, colour and compositing”.

Laetitia Michetti, Scenesis Pictures head of production, adds: “The studio design, through to the way our team works ensures the best experience and creative finish to everything we do. We are so excited to be working with UK clients and wider International projects in general, and welcome everyone to Paris or ensure a premium remote delivery is guaranteed”.

Daniel Pagan, Scenesis Pictures executive producer consultant, says: “The calibre of the Scenesis talent and the range of high-end services the studio offers, means we are poised to be the go-to boutique choice for clients. We look forward to welcoming productions to the Paris studio for a visit and to service each project from the remote set up. A new London studio is set to come next”.