Complete post-production on the six-part drama

Post Encore (picture) and Films at 59 (audio)

Client ITV Studios

Brief Complete post-production on a six-part drama about Jane Tennison’s first days in the police force.

How it was done For the grade, colourist Jet Omoshebi used Digital Vision Nucoda to create a look reminiscent of the time, but without being a pastiche, mimicking 1970s stock, lenses and camera gear.

Working with DoP Julian Court, she added lens aberrations, distortions and a fine layer of film grain.

Nick Timms completed the online.

For the audio, Films at 59’s team provided a ‘raw and punchy’ backdrop. Sound FX editor James Burchill created an ambience in the police station by adding the sounds of old-style telephones and typewriters, as well as specially recorded background dialogue.

1970s car sounds and horn-style sirens were also added.

Graham Wild completed the dubbing mix.

Watch it Thursdays, 9pm, ITV