Unmanned cameras will capture live action at the event, automating the production process


Sports streamer FloSports and AI company Pixellot are working together to produce content for collegiate softball event, THE Spring Games.

THE Spring Games – and other similar college sports – don’t always have the budget for top-tier production values, with game views typically covered by one manned camera position.

Utilising AI vastly reduces costs associated with production. Pixellot’s DoublePlay system enables fully automated, multi-angle production with one camera installed behind the home plate and another behind centerfield.

Both camera feeds are streamed to a workstation that uses AI algorithms to track the action and make decisions about when to switch angles between the cameras or zoom in or out.

Pixellot systems will be installed at a minimum of 10 fields, giving fans expanded views of the games and raising the production values, and the profile, of women’s softball.

FloSports exclusively distributes the produced feeds to subscribers who can access these games live and on-demand on multiple platforms, including on FloSoftball.com, the FloSports app (iOS and Android), Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Chromecast.

Around 410 college softball programs from NCAA Division 1, 2 and 3, NAIA and junior college levels will participate in the Games.

David Shapiro, president North America of Pixellot, said: “The media experience for most college softball programs is not at a level that fairly represents the high-quality play on the field. Our systems allow a wider array of college sports to produce more games affordably with a higher degree of production value. We are committed to bringing more visibility and resources to college softball through our partnership with THE Spring Games and FloSports.”

Phil Wendler at FloSports, added: “These games are filled with enthusiasm and passion. We hope to bring Pixellot’s production solution to hundreds of college softball programs over the next few years.”

Alison Strange, CEO of THE Spring Games, said: “This technology is a perfect match for our events and will play a huge role in promoting and supporting women’s sports and especially fast-pitch softball. Pixellot is helping to make our event that much bigger not only for fans, families and viewers, but also for the 410 programs that are participating.”