NAB 2015: Quantel has unveiled the latest software release for its Pablo Rio grading and finishing system.

The update adds OFX plugin support, improved EXR and alpha channel support as well as real-time working and playback at 8K 60p.

Quantel also announced that it is an Aces (Academy colour encoding system) partner and that it will work on a fully-compliant Aces workflow for Pablo Rio customers.

8K 60p operation on Pablo Rio is achieved by combining Quantel’s software with the latest I/O and processing hardware from AJA and Nvidia.

Real-time 8K 60p input and output is achieved using AJA’s Corvid 88 multi-channel I/O boards.

The processing is delivered by three of Nvidia Tesla K80 GPU accelerators and three RAID 60 arrays controlled by Quantel’s FrameMagic technology, enabling them to deliver the required performance from 160 minutes’ 8K 60p storage.

Quantel product manager Damon Hawkins said: “8K workflows will soon become a reality; our demonstration of real-time 8K 60p working at NAB is a world first, showing that we continue to push the boundaries so that our Pablo Rio customers never need to say no, no matter what the challenge.”

Pablo Rio 8K will ship during the third quarter.

Name change

Recently appointed chief executive Tim Thorsteinson pledged that by IBC in September the merged Quantel and Snell would have a single identity. “It’s kind of embarrassing to have two names,” he said during the company’s press conference today.

And he said that Quantel/Snell would look to develop and sell products and software to smaller media companies.

“We have very smart engineers but they tend to run to the top of the pyramid. One of things we are trying to do is offer a broader range of products and new pricing structure.”

Quantel also announced that Pablo Rio 4KO now supports 4K 60p in response to what it described as a growing interest in the UHD-1 profile.

Previously this capability required the HDR option; this new development opens up UHD-1 work to the wider post market at an economical price point, the Newbury-based firm said.