NAB 2014: Quantel has released the fifth software update for its Pablo Rio finishing system since September last year.

“The momentum continues to build for Pablo Rio,” said Quantel marketing director Steve Owen.

“This raft of new developments will maintain Pablo Rio’s pre-eminent position as the color and finishing system of choice for 4K and beyond.”

The new software contains support for more file formats, including 4K XAVC export and DCP import as well as the latest Red SDK.

It also supports the conform of Avid effects.

Quantel said this would help to speed up the transition from Avid offline to Pablo Rio 4K finishing and colour correction.

If the Avid editor has used a DVE to resize a clip, the metadata for the DVE move comes across to Pablo Rio with the media, so the clip is automatically resized when it is conformed in Pablo Rio using the 4K media.

Meanwhile, Optical Flow slow motion uses advanced motion estimation techniques to produce smoother, higher quality slow or fast motion.