NAB 2016: Quicklink TX Multi is a new hardware system that converts multiple Skype calls into studio-grade quality video/audio transmissions.

Quicklink TX Multi, which is powered by the latest Skype TX software - known as Skype TX 4 - from Microsoft, brings one or multiple callers into the studio/HQ without the need for additional rack space or cables.

It will be available in three options: HDMI/Analogue video and audio I/O; Multiple simultaneous SD/HD-SDI I/O; Quicklink TX Enterprise, with real-time server hardware monitoring, plus alert system. AES67 and EBU audio is supported.

Users willl be able to choose from 1RU and 2RU hardware offerings.

The first iteration of the existing Quicklink TX has been used by broadcasters including Al Jazeera , BBC , ITV and Fox News.