Teletubbies producer Ragdoll Productions has completed an overhaul of storage capabilities at its post facility in Stratford-upon- Avon with the addition of a 48- terabyte DVS Spycer Box with fibre-channel connectivity.

The kit was supplied and installed by reseller Root6, which also provided an additional five Final Cut Pro suites and a Xendata tape archive to offer reliable long-term storage on LTO data tape.

Senior editor Lee Phillips said: “We have many 3D and compositing stations that complement our high-end systems and, together with our Final Cut Pro offl ine suites, we are able to develop effi cient workfl ows for our programmes.

“We looked at many SAN solutions, each offering similar features - reliability and speed were essential.”

Ragdoll’s new set-up will see offl ine edit suites presented to the SpycerBox with Apple’s SAN file system, Xsan, running both Avid and Final Cut Pro.