NAB 2016: New recording formats and improved on-set monitoring options have been added to Arri’s Alexa SXT camera.

Following an update, the 4k and HDR-capable shooter can now record in ProRes 2K and 4K Cine Anamorphic, Open Gate ProRes 3.4K and ARRIRAW 3.2K. In total, it can now capture images in 14 different formats.

At the same time, the Alexa SXT now features four independent monitoring outputs, each with individual settings for image processing, surround view, status info, peaking, and false colour.

The cameras have new components too that include electronics and image processing from the Alexa 65, as well as colour management and noise reduction from the Amira.

Also at NAB, Arri has introduced two new focal lengths to the Master Anamorphic lens series, extending the range at both the wide-angle and telephoto ends.

The 28mm MA28 shares the fast T1.9 aperture speed of all seven preceding Master Anamorphics, making it suitable for low light work and shallow depth of field. It has a fast stop of T2.8 and a front diameter of 95mm.

The MA180 is optimised for the ARRI LDS Extender 1.4x to extend the focal length to 250 mm, and with the LDS Extender 2.0x to achieve a focal length of 360 mm.

The Master Anamorphic lens series is developed jointly by Arri and Carl Zeiss.