NAB 2014: Red has introduced 4K broadcast functionality for its Epic and Scarlet cameras.

Red said its 4K Broadcast Module gives a user the ability to capture and view action in real-time, up to 4K and 60 frames per second.

Compatible with both Epic Dragon and Scarlet Dragon cameras, the Broadcast Module uses four 3G-SDI output connections to broadcast 4K video at up to 60 frames per second.

Five mounting holes are built into the top of the module, allowing for various mechanical peripherals to be attached.

Red is also introducing the 6K Dragon sensor into its Epic Monochrome family.

Using a unique sensor pattern to achieve optimum resolution and extended dynamic range, the dedicated black and white camera takes advantage of greater light sensitivity and tonal transfer in gradients, which the company said far exceeded the quality of a colour image converted to black and white.

The Scarlet-X Dragon is now 6K and available as a direct purchase.

Boasting a robust 19-megapixel Red Dragon sensor, it offers the ability to capture motion video and still images at 1-12 frames per second in 6K, or up to 48 frames per second in 5K.

Also new for NAB is the Redlink Development Kit, which makes it possible to create apps that remotely adjust Red camera controls from a mobile device or computer.

The recently reworked Redcine-X Pro provides RAW workflow and now features frame tagging, so shooters can mark and access specific frames while shooting.

Also new within this version of Redcine-X Pro is Advanced Dragon Debayer, a new algorithm for Dragon that Red claimed carefully analyses every pixel to create the best frame possible.