BBC1 game show Reflex will be the first UK studio production to use NAC/Ikegami’s Hi-Motion II camera.

The super slow-motion technology will be used to capture footage of tests of human reaction times, which the production firm said would let viewers “see things never before captured in a game show”.

“We’re extremely excited about utilising this cutting edge technology in the recording of Reflex’ said series editor Warwick Banks.

“What makes these cameras so special – witnessed when they captured iconic images of the London 2012 Olympics – is their ability to record in two different ways.

“Firstly they can operate in standard capture mode and act and perform as a normal studio camera.

“But with a flick of a switch, the very same camera can also record at 1,000 frames per second. This speed allows us to capture all the action in super slow motion.”

The 6 x 45-minute Objective Productions show goes into production in the spring.