At last week’s Digital Emmys in Cannes, websites for Primeval and the BBC’s Virtual Revolution were joined on
the podium by Reservoir Hill, New Zealand’s first broadcaster-funded online-only drama series.

Devised by David Stubbs and Thomas Robins of KHF Media, the show focuses on Beth Connolly, the new girl in a creepy town.

As well as dealing with the usual teen angst, she tries to unlock the mystery that surrounds her new home.

To take part, viewers followed Beth on social networking site Bebo or texted her advice at the end of the episode.

She also uploaded a video blog where viewers could post comments, which is viewable in the UK via YouTube.

In further episodes, Beth refers to specific advice given by the viewers and acts on what they have suggested. The idea is that those who interact with the show effectively become part of the plot by acting as one of Beth’s friends. Each episode is roughly 10 minutes long and it has been rated the third most popular programme on TVNZ’s on-demand service.

Producer KHF Media
Commissioner TVNZ On Demand
Producers David Stubbs and Thomas Robins