Riedel Communications has pledged to support the AES67 standard and the Ravenna technology framework for audio-over-IP distribution.

“We are pleased to be joining other premier technology suppliers in supporting AES67/Ravenna and enabling straightforward use of this standard to realise efficient and flexible transport of audio over IP,” said Riedel director of product management Jake Dodson.

“Riedel has always been dedicated to facilitating versatile and reliable workflows that meet our customers’ unique requirements.

“By extending our products’ format support to include AES67/Ravenna, we take a key step forward in delivering the many benefits of standards-agnostic communications and signal-transport solutions.”

The AES67 standard for the streaming of audio-over-IP was launched by the Audio Engineering Society (AES) in 2013. Ravenna is an open-standard technology that offers AES67 as one of a range of operational profiles.

Riedel already supports AES67 and Ravenna standards with Tango, its networked platform for signal distribution and communications applications.