Ross Video has introduced three new production switcher control panels.

Designed to be used by producers of live television, the Vision 1M and 2M panels offer 24 crosspoint buttons and the Vision 2X offers 32 crosspoint buttons.

This extends the award winning Ross Vision series to a total of seven control panels including the V1, V1M, V2, V2M, V2X, V3, and V4.

All of the control panels can control up to four MEs of video processing and connect to the Ross MD and MD-X Live Production Engine chassis.

The modular Vision control panels incorporate a large number of new concepts.

  • The use of RGB buttons results allows personalization of the Vision control panel.

  • Vision offers a new DualDisplay color touch screen allowing the operator to view and control two menus simultaneously.

  • Built-in manuals

  • Linux based OS

  • Integration with the OverDrive control system