Snell Advanced Media (SAM) will use NAB to demo a new production system designed for quick turnaround news and sport.

SAM Vibe, which is designed to be used for social media and online output as well as TV, combines sQ servers witth various production tools and runs on standard IT storage. 

Vibe Core, a unified orchestration layer, manages and controls the media within and governs the system.

All content is stored and maintained in its original format and input is possible from any device, including feeds generated by viewers, the company said.

Neil Maycock, executive vice president, Media Software Solutions at SAM, said: “Watching TV, especially news and sports, has evolved from a fixed pastime into an on-the-go, mobile occurrence where consumers are in control. The challenge for content providers is to meet this demand for content anywhere while keeping quality at a premium. SAM Vibe facilitates this.”

Vibe offers three different user interfaces:

  • For creative applications, a choice of SAM’s Rio editor or Adobe Premiere
  • Browser-based editing using the SAM Go! editor
  • PAM (production asset management) tools, including ingest, media management and publishing control.

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