Mac-based post production company Sequence Post has secured office space at Chiswick Park for its new west London facility.

Sequence W4 will start out with a single Mac Pro based HD edit suite hooked up to a seven terabyte fibre raid system but there is an option for three further suites.

The self-contained unit in building 3 will incorporate a fully cooled server room.

"We're looking to grow incrementally this year instead of in one big burst,” said owner Ben Foakes. “It may seem like a brave move when many companies are downsizing but we are still small and are focusing on capitalising on what we're good at, which is supplying good creative talent at a fair price.”

Sequence W4 will open in the middle of March.

Sequence will also open a suite in Soho and has its eye on three potential locations.

Sequence credits include titles for the BBC coverage of the Grand National.