NAB 2016: The Mistika post production system can now be used with the new NVIDIA Quadro M6000 24GB graphics card, SGO has revealed.


The 24GB version of the Quadro M6000 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) has double the power of the previously available model and uses the Maxwell data architecture to help quicken complicated post-production processes and multi-layered visual effects.

“Mistika users are increasingly creating images at substantially higher resolutions than 8K pixels wide and these projects will benefit greatly from the additional GPU memory available on the Quadro M6000 24GB,” said SGO chief executive Miguel Angel Doncel.

“In particular, unwrapped VR images routinely demand such high resolutions and the additional GPU memory will help Mistika users maintain real-time performance, as they finesse their virtual reality projects with Mistika’s unique VR features.”

Support for the NVIDIA Quadro M6000 is available in Mistika version 8.7 and also the visual effects system Mamba FX.

Both products are on show at NAB.