In updating Sherlock Holmes for the modern age, BBC series Sherlock adds a new dimension to a classic story with its characters’ use of modern technology.

Holmes is now a compulsive texter, Dr Watson’s diary has become a blog, and the detective has his own website,

Viewers can access real-world versions of websites via the Sherlock portal on While none of the sites are genuinely interactive, their blog posts and forums feature comments from fellow characters that enhance the storyline.

Writer Joseph Lidster, who previously blogged as Doctor Who companion Martha Jones, explains: “It’s not about restating what’s on the screen. The websites show relationships developing between characters - it’s a way of expanding the story.”

BBC executive producer for new media Jo Pearce said: “As soon as I saw the first script, I could see how the drama lends itself to new media platforms.”

The websites were commissioned by BBC multiplatform drama commissioner Sarah Clay.

Producers Hartswood Films/BBC Wales

Executive producers Jo Pearce, Sue Vertue, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss

Commissioner Sarah Clay

Writer Joseph Lidster