Picture and audio post on a 1 x 60-minute doc

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Client Grant Wardrop Productions

Brief Picture and audio post on a 1 x 60-minute doc in which cyclist Sir Chris Hoy attempts to compete in the Le Mans 24 Hours sports car race.

How it was done Dubbing mixer Ben Hooper used iZotope RX5 and Waves noise-reduction plug-ins to make the most of the dialogue, which could be problematic when recorded on a noisy racetrack.

Mixing on Pro Tools 12 with an S6 console, he looked to keep the audio quite ‘cutty’ to emphasise the dramatic changes in the motor race.

For the grade, colourist Enge Gray balanced the various different pieces of footage shot across a 12-month period, including scenes from the Le Mans live broadcast, which were graded and treated with noise reduction and diffusion to tie them in with the show’s cinematic look and feel.

Watch it Sunday, 9pm, BBC2