SIS Live has reopened the tender process for its collection of outside broadcast units after it failed to find a buyer for the fleet.

The assets, which include 14 HD scanners, went on sale in October 2013 when SIS Live decided to fold the division after it failed to regain any BBC Sport OB contracts.

It struggled to find a buyer willing to take the assets in their entirety, so SIS Live has gone back to the market with a new tender that could see the equipment split among more than one buyer.

At least one UK facilities provider bid for a consignment of SIS Live trucks last year, but was rejected.

SIS Live commercial director Phil Aspden told Broadcast: “We chose to explore the indicative offers that we received for the business as a going concern in whole first.

“When these failed to materialise, we elected to pursue offers for the business in part and individual asset sales opportunities.”

However, many OB firms are already investing in new facilities and may not be in the market for additional vehicles.

The value of HD-only vehicles is also under pressure as new OB trucks will potentially be specced with 4K routers, production equipment and cameras.

NEP Visions has six flypacks on order, built in-house to cater for BBC contracts including athletics, tennis and Wimbledon.

Arena Television is adding four new vehicles to meet demand from clients such as BT Sport.

CTV, which is providing kit and services for the BBC’s coverage of the Boat Race, football and the London Marathon, has invested in its first 4K-ready truck, due in May.

Another of the UK’s larger OB players, Telegenic, has historically built new trucks to its own specifications rather than retrofit units.