NAB 2014: Snell is demonstrating integration between its broadcast infrastructure kit and Cisco’s IP and MPLS networking at NAB.

Snell said the combination could enable broadcasters to exploit the benefits of IP routing without costly investments in proprietary infrastructure.

“IT-based technologies have been driving broadcast efficiencies for some time now, and we’ve already seen the move to IT-based systems for channel playout automation and master control, file-based storage and processing, and media asset storage and retrieval and management,” said Snell LiveTV managing director Robert Rowe.

“Generic IT equipment is also increasingly able to handle more and more real-time video processing.

“Real-time IP signal routing is a natural progression from existing SDI infrastructure to interface seamlessly with generic IT equipment and broadcast data centers.”

Rowe added that broadcasters would benefit from cost savings because routing cost scales with bandwidth rather than the number of signals supported.

IP studio trials

Later this year Snell will conduct proof of concept trials with studios in the US and the UK.

The UK trial will take place at an unnamed news studio, which will use beta versions of production switchers, control systems, and some of Snell’s conversion equipment.

“We have been testing [these products] for some time and we are convinced we can make them work in production environment,” said Rowe.

He added that he expects Snell to productise the kit by the end of the year.