Sony has added a new camera to its XDCam range, the PMW-300.

Equipped with three ½” Exmor 3CMOS sensors, Sony described the camera as the evolution of its PMW-EX3 device.

The PMW-300 shoots 50Mbps 1080/25p material in MPEG HD422 and meets the European Broadcasting Union’s (EBU) requirements for long-form HD acquisition.

The PMW-300 has the same interchangeable EX-mount lens system as the PMW-EX3. There will be two types of lens packages available for the PMW-300: a 14x zoom lens and a 16x zoom lens.

Both lenses have a focus ring for switching between auto and manual focus.

The camera also features a 3.5-inch colour LCD viewfinder (960x540 pixels).

It has an HD-SD/SDI output and an HDMI output. Timecode and genlock interfaces allow for use in multi-camera setups and 3D configurations.

An upgrade will support Sony’s new XAVC codec.

An optional wireless adapter for proxy recording, wireless transfers, Wi-Fi viewing and metadata input is in development.

“The PMW-300 incorporates all the market leading features from our XDCam family in a semi-shoulder HD422 50Mbps camcorder,” said Sony Professional Solutions Sony Europe strategic marketing manager Bill Drummond.

“From working closely with our customers we know there is strong demand for a truly versatile semi-shoulder camcorder that has been designed to meet the needs of the broadcast, production and corporate event worlds.”

The PMW-300 with a 14x zoom will be available in October. The 16x zoom model is still in development. A 2013 release date has been targeted.