Create a surreal set of titles for the off-beat chat show

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Client Talkback

Brief Create a surreal set of titles for the eight-part, off-beat chat show, which is hosted by Radio 1 DJ Greg James and stand-up Russell Kane.

How it was done The titles, directed by Max Joseph, are based on the concept of James and Kane getting ready to receive their guests in their ‘living space’.

With surrealism at the heart of the sequence, bespoke props were built, including a rotisserie-chicken wardrobe, a disco-ball microwave and a washingmachine speaker.

The titles were shot by DoP Alvin Burrows using a Canon 5D, and the shots were composed to be as macro as possible.

The titles were edited using Adobe Premiere, with a staccato edge to give it a pacey and off-beat feel.

The audio was composed by Darren Stone.

Watch it Wednesdays, 10pm, BBC3