Broadcast equipment manufacturing has nearly returned to pre-recession levels, thanks in part to a move to file-based workflows.

The increased demand for digital storage systems was one of the findings of the biennial market valuation and strategy report by the International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers (IABM), which said the global broadcast equipment market is expected to grow from $24bn (£14.8bn) this year to $29.3bn (£18bn) by 2015.

“The seeds of recovery were sown in 2009, and while some growth was clawed back in 2010 and 2011, we will reach 2008 figures by the end of 2012,” IABM director general Peter White told Broadcast

“HD rollout is still prevalent, but growth in things like storage has been pretty dynamic. It is one area that has shown more growth than others,” said White.

Tyrell CCT UK sales director Mark Lynn confirmed that storage solutions are in demand. He said: “It’s much more of an issue now because of tapeless formats. We have found that it can be a problem for our customers and they have to invest in new systems. Some really have no choice.”

The report found there was 6% growth in the global broadcast and media technology sector from 2009 to 2010, with Europe growing at a “slightly greater” rate.

The recovery will be spurred on by the twin demands of next year’s Olympic Games and the US presidential election, according to White, who said that 3D is not yet a major driver of growth, despite all the attention it has garnered.

“The UK is one of the leaders in 3D rollout, but all the forecasts seem to be that it is going to be four or five years [until it becomes significant]. At the moment, it’s nice to have but not essential, whereas HD is essential and is being rolled out on a global basis.”