The game, on Roblox, is aimed at engaging children in the race against climate change


Envision Racing has joined with Cartoon Network Game On! – an immersive experience on Roblox – on a “Climate E-Racers experience” where players race each other in vehicles customised using e-waste collected in the game.

Throughout the Cartoon Network Island, hidden e-waste can be collected by users. Players will also earn e-waste tokens if they complete a race, which can be spent on the cosmetic upgrades for their vehicles.


The experience includes cosmetic upgrades such as modifications that use items of e-waste to represent how old electronics can be given a new life through recycling.

The game launches today (Thursday 16 May). Players race through different Cartoon Network worlds and receive support from Cartoon Network characters and utilise power-ups to get to the finish line.


Robin from Teen Titans Go!, decked out in racing gear, welcomes racers and guides them on the Climate Champions e-waste challenges.

Monika Oomen, VP of brand, communications, and digital content strategy for Kids EMEA at Warner Bros. Discovery, said: “In our efforts to engage kids into climate action, the partnership with Envision is a vital addition to our Cartoon Networks Climate Champions campaign on Roblox, within CN Game On! Through gamification, we provide a fun and relevant activity that reaches children where they love spending time.”


Sylvain Filippi, managing director and chief technology officer at Envision Racing, added: “We are thrilled to be bringing together the worlds of Envision Racing and Cartoon Network on Roblox. Alongside competing at the highest levels of motorsport, Envision Racing exists to use the power of sport to inspire action to address climate change. As part of that, we are always looking to develop new and exciting propositions to engage young people in the creation of a sustainable future.”