Change comes after Globant acquired 51% stake in company

Sportian LaLiga Tech Globant

LaLiga Tech has rebranded as Sportian from today.

This move comes after tech company Globant acquired 51% of the business last year, and aims to consolidate three new product lines: digital products to increase audiences and enhance the digital fan experience; platforms like Mediacoach that enhance team performance with real-time data; and solutions for the end-to-end transformation of sports properties.

The company will also continue to focus on bringing new technologies to the industry, such as AI - which it has partnered with Microsoft on to deliver products such as near real time multi language subtitles, automatic sports content translations, and more.

Martín Migoya, CEO of Globant, said: “With Sportian, we consolidate our strength in innovation and our commitment to the world of sports to reinvent the fan experience. We want to enable clients to enhance their connection with fans, both in live and digital settings,”

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, added: “The technological commitment that LaLiga made in 2013 in the search for the solutions our industry needed, which laid the groundwork for what Sportian is today, is now a unique value proposition for the sports and entertainment industry in the face of current and future challenges.”

Alejandro Scannapieco, CEO of Sportian, commented: “The transition to Sportian signifies a strong commitment to innovation, where the most disruptive technology meets the passion for sports and entertainment. With Sportian, we aim to redefine fan experiences, enhance data utilization, and transform the very essence of the industry.”