Broadcaster uses Midjourney to create “Greatest Track” content

Sky Sports F1 Greatest Track AI Midjourney (4)

Sky Sports has used AI platform Midjourney to create a video of F1’s “Greatest Track”, as voted for by fans.

The broadcaster polled over 4,000 fans on their favourite straights, turns and landmarks from iconic racing locations around the globe to create the 6km track, and then used Midjourney and real world images of the track segments to create a drive-through video, with the footage following a Formula 1 car navigating the track with commentary from David Croft.

Sky Sports digital designers used specific prompts in Midjourney to visualise the track, with these images then mapped onto a realistic version of the track as it would exist in the real world and a team of 3D designers, visual FX designers & artworkers created an animation based on those fantasy AI images. You can watch the result below.

Sky Sports viewers will be able to see Martin Brundle and Natalie Pinkham’s reactions to the track later this week. Sections that made it to the final track include the Swimming Pool chicane and Grand Hotel hairpin turn in Monaco, the Senna ‘S’ at Interlagos in Brazil, the legendary Eau Rouge of Spa, in Belgium and the uphill climb of Circuit of the Americas’ first straight. It is also surrounded by landmarks that fans voted for, including the Observation Tower at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, USA, and the instantly recognisable Suzuka ferris wheel in Japan.