It also allows officials to instantly review play

TVU Networks Replay app

TVU Networks has unveiled a multi-camera control sports app, TVU Replay, that enables producers instantly review play and include that live video within their coverage.

The cloud-based production platform TVU Producer provides management of camera inputs, live feeds, audience interaction and audio mixing, replay to be demonstrated for the first time at NAB later this month. In addition to its broadcast use, it can also be used by officials to instantly review play.

The app will have two modes, and claims to be as simple to operate as a smart phone interface. The modes are Review and Replay. The Review mode enables officials and coaches in game to immediately “review” any close call from their phone or tablet, while Replay provides all production elements necessary to output clips to any device.

Frame speed in Replay and Review can then be controlled with your fingers on the touchscreen of a phone or tablet or using a video game controller for a laptop. 

TVU Networks CEO Paul Shen explained: “We’re introducing TVU Replay in response to customer feedback.

“We’ve been speaking with various collegiate conferences and their need for a next-generation review solution. Everything we do is in response to solving customer challenges. WIth our devops culture, we quickly and easily built a solution that’s versatile for a variety of applications. We’ve created a tool set that has revolutionized the way replay is handled in terms of ease of operation and within a fully realized cloud workflow.”

He added: “By replacing purpose-built replay hardware with a video game controller, we’re opening up the door to a new potential talent base.”