Tour has partnered with Papercup to automate localisation

World Poker Tour Papercup

The World Poker Tour has partnered with Papercup to automate its dubbing.

The company will use its AI tools to translate and voice 184 of the franchise’s 44-minute-long episodes into Brazilian Portuguese, with a three-month lead time. Previously, the company had used traditional dubbing services with a six-month lead time. 

This content will be used on OTT platforms, as well as the Tour’s own FAST channel. Papercup also works with the likes of Bloomberg and Fremantle.

Marc M. Dion, director of distribution & ad sales at World Poker Tour, said: ”The quality of Papercup dubbing has been second to none. A big part of that is down to their AI voices and expert translators who go through every sentence to make sure the moment is truly captured in the new AI dubs. The major streaming platforms have very stringent criteria when it comes to dubbed content and if it’s going to connect with our shared viewers. When they gave us the thumbs up, we knew we were ready to move forward with Papercup.”

Jesse Shemen, CEO of Papercup, said: ”The world of sports and entertainment has so much to gain from the adoption of AI tools like ours. Localising quality content with the care and attention it deserves, at speed is an absolute priority for WPT in order to engage their international fan base – our scalable solution means this work is finally possible.”