Object Matrix has integrated disk-based archive product MatrixStore with Avid’s Interplay, potentially lowering the cost of storage for the production management suite.

Object Matrix co-founder Nick Pearce (pictured) said InterConnect would help the Wales-based firm reach “another level” of Avid customers, with more than 800 Interplay systems in use at broadcast and production facilities around the world.

Pearce said the software, which allows editors to move content in and out of a nearline archive within the Avid environment, was built in response to customers and prospects asking for an entry-level disk archive for Interplay.

“The cost for storage systems has traditionally been high, towards the £100,000 mark, so our starting price of £25,000 should be quite appealing,” Pearce said.

“Also, because it is disk-based it can keep data alive longer for reuse and repurposing. Any organisation that repurposes content could benefit from online storage.”

Interplay uses Avid web services and Avid Media Toolkit APIs so assets can be moved, copied and tracked from ingest to delivery.

“It is opening up a part of the market that we haven’t been able to reach, such as broadcasters, because if they have Interplay and we are not in that space it would preclude us,” he said.

Pearce said InterConnect would also allow Object Matrix to expand into new geographical territories, with resellers in Germany, Spain, Chile and Russia contacting the firm about the archiving solution.

InterConnect will be showcased at NAB and will be available from May 2011.

The entry level cost will include the InterConnect plug-in and hardware, and software to protect up to 21TB of data.