NAB 2015: Tektronix will demonstrate its expanded range of options for 4K analysis and monitoring at NAB.

The latest additions to the Tektronix QC Validation Suite are the result of the company‘s exclusive licensing agreement with Digimetrics.

The additional tools include the Aurora file-based QC system, frame-accurate file-based player Hydra and the AutoFix group of file-based correction applications.

Also on display will be the WF M/WVR8000 series of series waveform monitors and rasterizers.

New capabilities include ITU-R BT.2020 colour space support in waveform, vector, picture, and Tektronix patented gamut display mode, square division and 2-sample interleave 4K formats support as well as 4K video session display.

Also included are the Tektronix-patented Timing display with new 4K link timing measurements and audio loudness monitoring and ancillary data support for 4K content.

Tektronix will also showcase the expanded diagnostics and troubleshooting capabilities of the portable WFM2300 waveform monitor.

New features include the introduction of ASI confidence monitoring and a broader range of test signals including Dolby E test signal generation.

Sony collaboration

Tektronix has announced that it is working with Sony on its video over IP initiative, including support for Sony’s IP Live Production system.

The Sony system will allow broadcasters to use an IP infrastructure in their facilities for HD and 4K video formats and support broadcasters through the transition from SDI infrastructure to IP-based infrastructures.

To overcome the limitations of HD-SDI in a 4K environment, the IP Live Production system offers an AV over IP interface for IP-based networking that provides low latency transport of UHD/4K video, audio, reference, metadata and control data. Low Latency Video Codec (LLVC) technology makes it possible to transmit 4K signals over a single 10G Ethernet cable.

Tektronix general manager for video product line Charlie Dunn said: “We look forward to supporting industry-wide adoption of Sony’s IP Live Production system, which enables efficient and cost-effective distribution of UHD/4K signals across an IP-based network infrastructure.

“By working closely with Sony on this initiative, we are well-positioned to help our customers across the industry make a smooth and gradual transition to IP infrastructures and UHD/4K.”