Waveform monitor and rasterizer

What is it? The compact WFM5200 waveform monitor and WVR5200 rasterizer provide 3G-SDI monitoring capability for use in outside-broadcast vans, studio control rooms and post-production houses.

How does it work? They provide simultaneous monitoring of up to four 3G-SDI cameras or signals with a set of colour gamut monitoring features, including Tektronix’s patented Spearhead and Luma Qualified Vector displays for colour correction and grading applications.

They also contain loudness and true peaks measurements. Both monitors are less than six inches deep, with the WFM5200 weighing just over 1.3kg and the WVR5200 rasterizer under 1kg.

How much is it? £4,370

How do I find out more? www.tektronix.com