Consolidation and polarisation are the watchwords of this year's Broadcast Post Survey, with the 10 largest companies and groups accounting for nearly 60% of the money spent on television editing, graphics and finishing in the UK

Taking income from only TV post-production into consideration, the top 10 generated turn-over of£167m compared with the rest of the industry, which makes£125m from TV income.

This compares with the top 10 accounting for£144m from total television revenues of£254m in last year's survey. Overall revenues from television this year were up by£38m to£292m.

The increased revenue at the biggest companies reflects how several of the major players in the post market are expanding though merger and acquisition.

The post market in the UK - taking into account film, commercials, DVD and television work - is now worth around£570m, an increase of£100m year on year.