A miniature Canterbury Tales set in a not-so-distant future” is how Channel 4’s education team describes its latest online adventure.

In the wake of Six to Start’s award-winning Smokescreen, The Curfew continues the themes
of trust, privacy and liberty.

Producer Littleloud, which previously made Bow Street Runner for the department, has recruited Marvel Comics writer Kieron Gillen to create a game set in 2027.

It finds an immigrant, a dissident, an ex-cop and a youth trapped in a safe house as a government-enforced curfew kicks in. Players must ensure government data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Commissioner Alice Taylor said the game was a response to under-16 curfews in many towns and cities in the UK. “So many civil liberties and freedoms have been outlawed, piece by piece, in recent years, it’s no wonder we’re told young people are disaffected by politics,” she added.

The game’s cast includes Hollyoaks’ Finn Jones and ex-EastEnders actor Nigel Harman.

Comedian and civil liberties activist Mark Thomas makes a cameo.

Production company Littleloud
Producer Simon Parkin
Director Darren Garrett
Commissioning editor Alice Taylor
Launch date 28 July