The Foundry has upgraded its compositing applications Nuke and Nukex.

The VFX software developer said the upgrade would give artists an improved experience and bigger toolset.

Head of product development at the Foundry, Richard Shackleton, said: “Core operational improvements compliment the growth of the 3D toolset, allowing compositors to work more efficiently and to create and use scene geometry and external rendering, opening up a whole new level of 3D compositing capability.”

Nuke 6.2 features ‘Dope Sheet’, which the Foundry says will make “light work of manipulating animation key frames and interactively positioning and trimming read clips”.

Meanwhile, Nukex 6.2 adds new image-based modelling tools allowing artists to combine a tracked 3D camera with a selection of 2D image features, automatically creating simple scene geometry.

Nukex 6.2 also brings Pixar RenderMan Pro Server support to the 3D compositing environment.