Audio post-production on the historical drama

Audio post Jumbuck Film and Television

Client Darlow Smithson

Brief Audio post-production on the historical drama about workers at Quarry Bank Mill in Cheshire, in 1833.

How was it done A big challenge was to characterise the sound of the mill and to create a believable, oppressive and dangerous environment.

Many layers of intricate spot sound effects were required for the machines, while also leaving room for the dialogue to be clear, and for Peter Saville’s innovative score to drive the mood.

The soundtrack is characterised by the presence of the mill operation, as well as the clacking of heavy wooden clogs on the cobbled paths, where Foley supplemented the production sync sound (cut by Keith Mariner and Michelle Woods).

Mixed solely within Nuendo, using an Avid/Euphonix MC-Pro desk, dubbing mixers Richard Davey and Will Chadwick told the story using wild tracks.

Watch it Sundays, 8pm, Channel 4