Technicolor Creative Services UK has finished its first project shot on Arri Alexa cameras with SxS cards, completing full picture post on upcoming ITV1 drama The Reckoning.

“We conformed on the Smoke on Mac system as this allowed us to work directly with the native Alexa ProRes 4444 Quicktime files without having to transcode them to a different format,” said Technicolor broadcast sales manager Louise Stevenson.

With the files copied to the Smoke on Mac’s local storage, Technicolor could sync-check and identify missing shots and conform issues without first having to check for transcode errors.

Once the conform and VFX were complete, the show was exported as a DPX sequence to Technicolor’s Lustre local storage for the grade.

“Up until this point, everything had been at 4444 to achieve the best possible look,” said Stevenson. “But once graded, we played out to HDCam SR 422, which was then titled with additional post grade FX work done in Avid DS.”