Picture and audio post production on the 90-minute drama

Post The Farm Group

Client Vida Films

Brief Picture and audio post production on the 90-minute drama for BBC2 in which Olivia Colman joins Vanessa Redgrave in BBC Two’s adaptation of Diane Setterfield’s novel The Thirteenth Tale.

The story focuses on a biographer, played by Colman, who investigates the mystery surrounding the childhood home of writer Vida Winter (Redgrave).

How it was done Aidan Farrell graded the one-off drama with the Nucoda Film Master with the aim of creating a prince like quality within the footage.

By utilising several of the Nucoda’s attributes, and with the use of high saturation and strong colours, Farrell created an ethereal guise to the programme.

Farrell used Nucoda’s looks, moods and tones with a wide palette to help portray the passage of time.

The use of glints, glows and glares emulated a painterly quality, with multiple layers that added to the programmes ghostly premise.

Owen Hulme completed the online with DS Nitris and Nigel Edwards mixed the audio in Pro Tools 10.

Watch it Monday 30 December, 9.30pm, BBC2