Tiger Aspect Productions will open an offline facility at its Soho Square offices this autumn, increasing the indie's post-production workstation capacity to 19.

The department will be set up in the basement and comprise 12 Avid Adrenaline craft suites and seven Avid Media Composer desktop editing systems that will allow researchers, producers and APs to create rough cuts and taster tapes and to log material.

There will also be two edit suites with a dual-boot capacity meaning they can run Apple's Final Cut Pro software. The site will also feature Content Agent for duplication.

The suites will be connected by an Avid Unity which head of production, factual group, Sarah Sapper argued will streamline the workflow.

“We are really looking towards a tapeless environment, that's the way it is going. We've already worked on Paul Merton in China, and are about to embark on our first Sony HDCAM-EX project. It's important to keep abreast of new technology.”

Tiger Aspect took over the entire building at 5 Soho Square last year and decided to supplement the upper floors, which house its production department, with a post facility in the listed basement.

Sapper continued: “Our seven original offline suites grew organically, but this has been more planned and strategic.”

She insisted that producers could still choose the post fac-ilities they wanted to use but said: “It just makes sense to have the producers near the editors, and should make the process easier.”

The company has promoted three members of staff to work on the post side and is looking to recruit an engineer as well as using a number of freelancers.