Timeline North is the first UK post facility to employ both Aframe’s cloud-based service and the ContentAgent file-based workflow management tool.

It follows a tie-up between ContentAgent developer Root6 and Aframe that allows ContentAgent users to add Aframe into their automated workflow via a desktop app and upload material directly from the edit.

Users can then view a low res proxy along with the time code and file name from any location and use the Aframe interface to link it back to the high res file and the online edit.

“We use ContentAgent to generate H.264 files together with timecode and metadata for review and approval and move them into the Aframe drop folder,” said Timeline North’s post production director Eben Clancy.

“Once there, Aframe uploads it immediately. It has completely removed a lengthy manual process and made the workflow very easy and straightforward.

“ContentAgent allows us to set up rules and workflows, for example ensuring that everything that we drop in to the Aframe folder gets uploaded immediately, so the whole process is extremely simple.

“After a day of filming, we usually get a batch of rushes at around 6pm and the team on the late shift would then look after things from there. Now, the whole process is automated which means it is less of a burden on our resource and everything can be done faster.”