London-based camera effects company TimeSlice Films has set-up a production facility in the US.


The new Stateside operation will allow the ‘frozen-time’ effects company to provide its camera production services directly to American producers.

TimeSlice will have two people based in Detroit - where it has leased studio space - and a third in Portland covering the West coast.

Local representatives will provide further coverage of the US while freelancers will be brought in for shoots.

Available services will include unique visual effects shots, including tracking shots at frame rates of up to 1000fps, and the “traditional” Time-Slice frozen time effect.

Post-production services such as stereoscopic export, compositing of multiple array shots and integration of 3D motion graphics into array images are also being offered.

A new “live-to-air” Time-Slice array service is also being touted that will allow broadcasters to include tracking shots of key plays or events during live transmissions.

TimeSlice Films was founded by Tim Macmillan, the originator of the frozen time Time-Slice effect, and is managed in London by his brother Callum Macmillan.

The company is presenting a paper at the SMPTE International Conference on Stereoscopic 3D which takes place in New York this week.