Grade Channel 4’s returning 4 x 60-minute drama

Post The Look

Client Cowboy Films

Brief Grade Channel 4’s returning 4 x 60-minute drama about youngsters on a fictional estate in Hackney.

How it was done The second series was again shot with anamorphic lenses on the Arri Alexa to Pro Res Log-C.

Where the first series was shot in bright sunshine and hard light, the second was shot in winter.

The overcast skies meant The Look managing director and colourist Thomas Urbye had to work harder to create more shape in the image, increasing the amount of contrast compared with the first series.

Urbye said: “I used strong S-curve contrast for the shadows and highlights and gamma contrast for strong skin tones.

“Specific colour saturation and hue changes also created the Top Boy look.”

Grading was done on Quantel Pablo.

Watch it Tuesdays, 9pm, C4