Broadcast services provider Trickbox TV has bought the UK’s first 4K MultiDyne camera fiber system as part of its investment in a 4K portable production unit.

The MultiDyne systems, which have been supplied by Albion Technical Distribution, enable the use of cine cameras such as the Canon C300 or Sony F55 in a multi-camera setup over a wide area.

Trickbox TV has also purchased Argosy fibre cable as well as a 4K vision mixer, 4K signal processing equipment, a 4K video router, several file-based recorders and additional multi-camera equipment from CVP to build its 4K portable production unit.

Trickbox TV managing director Liam Laminman said: “As 4K production becomes more prevalent and demand increases, it made sense for us to invest in an end-to-end 4K workflow that will take us from capture to delivery across a variety of projects, whether we are doing a multi-camera shoot at Tower Bridge TV Studios or large music festivals.”