NAB 2016: TSL Products has claimed a world first with the launch of two audio monitors as part of its new PAM-IP range.

The PAM-IP range had been designed to smooth the transition to an IP-based workflow and would suit the needs of any facility involved in the production and transmission of live productions, including sports, news, and live events, the firm said.

The IP variants of TSL Products’ flagship PAM1 and PAM2 products can monitor video, audio and its associated metadata from either a traditional 3G-SDI connection or a S2022-6 IP stream.

They will be available in the summer in several options including video over IP (S2022-6 with other formats following), audio over IP (Dante/AES 67) and 4K (12G and Quad 3G-SDI).

“At TSL we recognise that the transition to an all IP environment will not be immediate,” said product director Pieter Schillebeeckx.

“For the foreseeable future at least, infrastructures will be hybrids where existing standards and technologies co-exist and interoperate with the new.

“When developing the PAM-IP we were very aware the IP format wars are far from over and as a result have ended up with a highly flexible platform that will allow us to implement any video over IP protocol or standard that may be of interest to our customers.”