TV One has released a new 8-input SD and HD switcher for the pro AV and broadcast markets.

The S2-108HD is capable of switching between eight separate inputs of SD-SDI or HD-SDI signals.

It works with the C2-2000 series of switcher/scalers and down converters as an optional Input Expansion Module to provide additional SD/HD-SDI inputs via BNC connectors.

The S2-108HD can connect to the C2-2000 series using an included Option interconnect cable and is fully integrated into the control system of the C2-2000 unit to become part of a single Multi-Format Seamless Switcher.

The S2-108HD can also be used as a standalone routing switcher.

An automatic re-clocking and equalization of the incoming signal is employed by the unit for HD-SDI sources from as far as 200m and SD-SDI sources from over 300m away.

The S2-108HD is housed in a desktop case and optional single or dual rackmount kits are available.

The TV One S2-108HD will cost£850 and is available now.

HD-SDI is used for the transmission of uncompressed, unencrypted high definition digital video signals. It is designed for operation over short distances. Because of its high bitrate it is not suitable for long-distance transmission