NAB 2015: Vidcheck will launch Vamp – the Vidcheck Advanced Media Player - at NAB.

Vamp is a full media player designed specifically for quality control (QC) review of media files.

It is available as an add-on feature to the company’s Vidchecker and Vidfixer range of automated quality control products or can be used as a standalone product.

Vamp can be accessed from within the Vidchecker or Vidfixer GUI or it can be run separately as a standard Windows PC application.  Multiple Vamps can connect to one Vidchecker/Vidfixer software licence.

Vamp can play video and audio files on a PC and output them via SDI. The results of automated QC processes appear in timeline displays.

Vidcheck senior sales manager Howard Twine said: “With Vamp, users can easily step through results of automated QC performed by Vidchecker or Vidfixer on the media file and jump to the exact error location by simply clicking on the relevant error in the error list.

“Vidchecker and Vidfixer already save an enormous amount of time in the QC process. Vamp makes the process even faster, and easier.”

As well as playing video and audio, Vamp’s main features include timeline display of video keyframes and all audio tracks, location and description details of all alerts from Vidchecker and Vidfixer auto QC, file metadata display such as AS-11 MXF, Netflix and iTunes and data such as file container, video track and codec details and audio codec and track details for each track.

All audio tracks with and without errors are displayed separately and are selectable for playout in any combination.

Stand SL5421